Enzyme Peel: $40/30min

What is Enzyme Peel?

An enzyme peel is a blend of natural fruit ingredients (enzymes) and is one of the gentlest methods of exfoliation. Enzyme face peels remove top layers of skin to exfoliate and expedite cell turnover, leading to a fresher, more glowing skin. The procedures are used all over the world to treat skin problems such as wrinkles and lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. Enzyme skin peels do not contain acids, therefore, it leaves the skin pH balanced

What Are The Benefits Of Enzyme Face Peels?

Enzymes penetrate the upper layers of the tissue, cleansing pores and improving skin texture, tone, and elasticity. Enzymatic peel is very gentle on your skin. It doesn?t rub your skin like mechanical exfoliation methods and doesn?t loosen dead cells from skin surface like chemical peels. It stimulates new cell growth and accelerates the natural exfoliating process. It helps your skin to get rid of dead cells, promote cell renewal, clean pores and improve its texture and elasticity by accelerating natural processes in your skin.

Enzyme face peels also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, alleviates dryness, reduces redness and toxins, increases oxygenation and prevents the formation of whiteheads and cysts.

Each facial is truly individualized, tailored specifically to your skin needs

The treatment includes double cleanse, Enzyme (Raspberry/Peach, Coconut/Papaya, Lemon Zest, Blueberry,Strawberry,Pumpkin and more), Steam, Extractions, Facial Massage, Mask and a thorough Neck and Shoulder massage, followed by Toner,Serum,Moisturizer and SPF