Shirodhara: $150/60min

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara treatment is a classic Ayurvedic therapy, which includes pouring of warm herbal oil on the forehead in a continuous stream. Ayurvedic Shirodhara therapy is very effective in reducing stress and promoting sound sleep. Shirodhara treatment is one among the Bahiparimarjana chikitsa, or external treatments told in Ayurveda. The term Shirodhara comes from two words “Shiro” meaning head and “Dhara” meaning stream.

How Does Shirodhara Treatment Work?

A continuous fine stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead for 10-20 minutes. The touch of the oil opens marma points(energy points) on the head that allows the body to sink into a deep state of total mind/body relaxation. This process is said to loosen the subtle energies that twist around the spine. This brings a fresh rested quality to the body and a calm clarity to the mind. Pouring of warm oils stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus, thereby regulating the functions of pituitary gland and inducing sleep. The warm oils used for Shirodhara also cause vasodilatation of all the channels and thereby improve the blood circulation to brain. Shirodhara also reduces the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline and thus relaxes mind.

What are Shirodhara Treatment Benefits?

  • Brings balance and harmony to body, mind and spirit
  • Generates a profound state of relaxation in body and mind, relieving stress
  • Opens up the flow of energy in the body
  • Stabilizes the nervous system
  • Eliminates imbalances of the head affecting neck, eyes, ears, nose
  • Turns on the body’s healing mechanisms
  • Rejuvenates and purifies body and soul
  • Replenishes skin oils, regaining natural luster and youthfulness
  • Activates the pituitary and pineal glands, as well as the hypothalamus, which organize and regulate all hormones in the body
  • Enhances concentration, mental clarity and comprehension
  • Instills a positive approach in life
  • Opens the Third Eye- increasing spiritual awareness

Can Shirodhara cause any side effects?

Shirodhara is generally a safe method. The therapist is trained and takes due precautions to prevent the oil from entering into the eyes. It is therefore advisable to go to a professional place and get shirodhara procedure done from experienced therapist. At Tru-Herbal Beauty, the therapist is well-trained and experienced who performs the Shirodhara Treatment skillfully.

A complete Relaxation of Mind, Body and Soul!!!!!